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Coated Granules

• Enhanced nutrient efficiency.
• Enhanced micronutrient uptake.
• Enhanced soil nutrient holding capacity.
• Enhanced biological activity.
• Enhanced water holding capacity.
• Improves drought resistance of soil.
• Darkens color of soil, which helps in absorption of the sun’s energy.
• Improves and optimizes uptake of nutrients and water holding capacity.
• Stimulates plant growth with its rich organic and mineral substances.
• Helps to retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in the root zones.
• Enhances the uptake of nitrogen by plants.
• Reduces the availability of toxic substances in soils.
• Stimulates plant enzymes and increases their production.
• Stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable micro-organisms in soil.
• Enhances plant’s natural resistance against diseases and pesticides.
• Stimulates root growth, especially vertically and enables better nutrient uptake.
• Increases vitamin and mineral content of the plants.
• Thickens cell walls in fruit and prolongs their storage and shelf time.
• Increases germination and viability of the seeds.
• Stimulates plant growth.
• Increases quality of yields: improves their physical appearance and nutritional value.

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