it is our pleasure to serve you

It is our gratification to serve all our patrons with a smile and with a practice to endow with them everything that makes them pleased and build elongated strong affiliation.

Quality Product

JK Fertilizers quality means that you will receive the best materials available. Each product is strictly controlled through- out its life from planting and harvesting to delivery to your door.

JK Fertilizers is based on direct relationships between our team in India and our growers. Every process is carefully checked and tested on a regular basis to achieve consistency in providing excellent quality. Wherever necessary, full audits of each process line are carried out by professional representatives. Specific testing regimes, such as Lot Sample testing by third party international testing agency to assure the status of our products is part of our standard operating procedures.


Whether serving our customers directly from our office or through our office in Gujarat, our efforts are focused on pro-viding a complete line of superior quality ingredients at competitive prices and JK Fertilizers added service. We strive to build lasting supply relationships, offer value-added services and help our customers meet their cost savings goals.


Excellence, honesty, quality, and JK Fertilizers value added service. These are the JK Fertilizers principles that have shaped and continue to guide this solid, growing and vertically integrated.


Hands-on management and strict attention to detail at every level, by people who make excellence a personal goal, as well as a corporate one accomplish it accomplish excellence. Given the best resources and encouragement in aggres-sive investment and thoughtful risk-taking, we maintain our leadership position..


It starts with a fair and open sharing of expectations between each and everyone. It guides us throughout the business day, with our suppliers, our customers, and within the communities, we call home. The result is a hard-earned reputation for honesty and credibility in all that we do.

Pricing Policy

JK Fertilizers always offers competitive prices and supplies goods to customer’s requirements. Our key to this is the direct relationship we develop with every customer. You will only ever need one contact at JK Fertilizers to deal with your every enquiry. All our personnel are multi-skilled and we look forward doing business with you on a long-term basis.

Private Storage Space

We have made adequate arrangements for our connected consumers to keep their full bags. So that our connected consumers can store bags according to their consumption.

Raw Material storage

Good and valuable raw materials are sent to our company by many companies. Adequate space and care is taken to keep these value aided materials sent by the company.

Material privacy

Different companies add good and valuable items in the raw material for the sale of their item in the market. It is our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the recipe of this product made by that company which we are fulfilling very well.


Our company also has a coding facility for printing a MRP, Batch No., Manufacturing date etc. We will print on the bags sent by the company as per the instructions of the company.

Room & Meals facility

Employees of our consumer are present at the time of mixing the raw material of the consumer. Free accommodation and meals are provided by us to the staff present.