Our Advantage

We will continue to develop our different plants from time to time for the convenience of our connected consumers. The details of which are as follows

Manufacturing Facility

  • Granulation Plant
    • 100 MT/Day
    • 200 MT/Day
    • 400 MT/Day
  • Powder Plant
    • 200 MT/Day
    • 200 MT/Day
  • Coating Facility
    • 5 MT/Hour
    • 2 MT/Hour
    • 500 kg/Hour
    • 500 kg/Hour
  • Liquid Plant
    • Privet Laboratory
    • Heating Process
    • Cooling facility
    • Packing
    • Stacking

Professional manufacturer

We are working with many reputable companies in the market. This increases the quality of our product and our enthusiasm to move forward many times over. It is hoped that over time large companies will join us.

Production Scale

As our affiliate grows and new companies are added, we are committed to serving them. With this principle in mind we are increasing our manufacturing capacity day by day.

Quality Guarantee

Good and big company affiliation is our measure of achievement and our quality. We have been adhering to the principle of quality since 2006 and our goal will be to see how quality can be enhanced going forward.

Technology Strength

The new plants we are building have to be equipped with new technology keeping in mind the challenges ahead. Thereby increasing the quality of the product and the production capacity both.

Industry Position

Nowadays it is very difficult to survive in the market if you do not have a good impression in the market. It is with this principle in mind that we have made our mark in the market. Which is why good and big company shows interest in us and joins us. Which shows our industry position.

Premium Quality Raw

We test the quality of the raw materials we use ourselves. So that the questions that may come in the future can be solved today. By doing this test, the consumers connected with us do not have to worry about any questions coming from the market.

Fast Delivery

With such great convenience of manufacturing, fast delivery is a natural thing for us. With our fast delivery, the consumers connected with us can quickly deliver their item in the market which increases the demand for that item in the market.

Strong R&D

Constantly staying with a good and big company has increased our knowledge and desire to know more. We are constantly striving and enthusiastic for this. Impressed, we set up an R&D center in our area.